DStv updates its streaming app to look more Netflix-y


While it’s always good to support local businesses over global ones, in the case of DStv’s streaming service versus Netflix and Amazon Prime, there’s been one obvious issue with local. And that’s the overall user experience. We’re not even mentioning the repetitive content here. 

DStv’s looking mighty Prime

The Multichoice-owned streaming service is available as a smart TV app, mobile apps, console apps, TV box apps and web versions that can be accessed in a browser. This week, DStv announced changes to the app’s user interface (UI), which should make navigating all those repeats (and some licenced content) a much more enjoyable experience. 

According to a blog post, the major redesigns include shifting menus, redesigned navigation for both live TV and on-demand content and a better watching experience overall. 

DStv app’s updates include: 
  • The navigation menu has moved to the left of the screen. 
  • The TV Guide and channel navigation have merged into one spot. “This means you can now see what is showing across all channels for the rest of the day while still easily accessing your most recently watched channels.”
  • TV Shows display a larger, richer poster art as the background. 
  • Episodes are now sorted in more logical lists with a separate view.
  • The app will now remember where you stop watching (finally). 
  • You’ll find the Settings in the new navigation tab. 

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