Samsung pulls another Unpacked out of nowhere, will take place on 20 October


Okay Samsung, come on now. You’re obviously timing these things to take some of the wind out of Apple’s sails. Or else it’s just a massive coincidence, but this is the internet. It’s never just coincidence. Or is it…?

Yes, Samsung has announced another Unpacked event and yes, it takes place next week. On 20 October, fans of the South Korean company’s tech can check out Galaxy Unpacked Part 2: The Unpackening. The event itself starts at 10:00 Eastern Time, which is 16:00 South African Standard Time.

Sussing out Samsung

As to what is coming, that’s a little murky. Samsung hasn’t given its event an official tagline, so we’re left to decipher a series of boxes flowing diagonally down the screen in the official event announcement. The closest we get to an actual hint is that “…the technology [Samsung users] use every day should reflect their individuality.”

The teaser shows a collection of app icons, including the company’s media, health, and smart home apps, being packed into little boxes and then, presumably, shipped off somewhere. That’s not especially suggestive of smartphones, and rumour suggests we’re not getting the Galaxy S21 FE anyway, which leaves us a little stumped.

Possible items being unveiled include new wearables, as unlikely as that seems, smart home tech, or perhaps upcoming software, but all of these would be very unusual for the company to promote on their own. Particularly the latter — the South Korean tech giant is not especially well known for its software services but that might be about to change. The company’s Mobile World Congress presentation was devoted to its wearables software. Maybe there’s something more like that on the horizon.


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