Samsung’s new budget Samsung Galaxy A03s offers upgraded features at just R2,500


Samsung Galaxy A03sYes, generally we’re more excited by Samsung‘s flagships but that tech, unlike the money hoarded by billionaires, actually eventually trickles down. This is how we get handsets like Samsung’s Galaxy A03s, a new entry into the Galaxy A-series of phones that’s within reach of… just about everyone.

What’s inside the Galaxy A03s?

At R2,500 — which is what Samsung’s newest budget smartphone will cost you — it might seem a little unreasonable to expect high-end features but it isn’t 2014 anymore. Two and a half grand will buy you a considerable amount of smartphone. The A03s packs a 6.5in Infinity V display (which is an HD+ TFT screen — expecting OLED is a little too optimistic), a MediaTek octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM.

32GB of storage is also standard with this handset, as well as microSD support for up to 1TB. Never mind the fact that finding a card that size will set you back almost twice the price of this phone on its own, it can do the thing, okay? Samsung’s packed in a 5,000mAh battery, which charges at 7.75W. It’s not super-speedy but it’ll get the job done. Oh, yes, and the phone also supports dual SIM cards.

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Camera tech is always a big focus for Samsung and the Galaxy A03s is no exception. There are three rear sensors: a 13MP main lens and then dual 2MP lenses (both at f/2.4, one for depth and the other for macro), while the front shooter is a competent 5MP sensor. Samsung’s touting 10x digital zoom, but we’d stick to exploiting its software smarts while getting physically closer to our target. Just because the Galaxy A03s can do it doesn’t make it a great idea.

Want one? Samsung’s perfectly willing to sell you one today, at just R2,500.


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