Businesses and households can now generate up to 100MW of power


In light of the recent, cold, dark days, president Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that he has lifted the threshold of power generating capacity for private citizens. 

“We are today announcing a significant new step in further reforming our electricity sector towards achieving a stable and secure supply of energy,” said Ramaphosa.

Power to the people

The threshold for embedded generating electricity capacity has been lifted from a mere 1MW to 100MW. This applies to both households that are or plan to be reliant on their own power generation capacity. According to the president, this move is critical to responding to the energy crisis the country is currently facing. 

“The amended regulations will exempt generation projects up to 100MW from the NERSA licencing requirement, whether or not they are connected to the grid,” said Ramaphosa. “Generators will also be allowed to wheel electricity through the transmission grid, subject to wheeling charges and connection agreements with Eskom and relevant municipalities.”

Normal licencing guidelines to feed additional electricity into the grid still stands, so households and businesses won’t necessarily be able to help their community by feeding excess power to them. Either way, this enables South Africans more freedom to become self-sufficient.


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