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Joburg residents are unable to buy prepaid electricity because CityPower was hacked

Trusty old CityPower has been hit by a ransomware attack that has rendered its online applications useless and residents unable to buy prepaid electricity.

Would your mobile phone be powerful enough to get you to the moon?

The Apollo computer was state-of-the-art in its time, but what would have been different if the moon landing had the state-of-the-art computers that are available today? I suspect that the software development time would have been a lot faster, due to the software development tools that are available today. It would have been a lot quicker to write, debug and test the complex code required to d...[Read More]

Computing faces an energy crunch unless new technologies are found

There’s little doubt the information technology revolution has improved our lives. But unless we find a new form of electronic technology that uses less energy, computing will become limited by an “energy crunch” within decades. Even the most common events in our daily life – making a phone call, sending a text message or checking an email – use computing power. Some tasks, such as watching videos...[Read More]

The way we walk can be used to power and secure our devices

When we walk or move, we create kinetic energy in a way that is unique to each of us. Our latest research shows that it’s so unique, it can be used to authenticate who we are. Not only that, but this kinetic energy can also be used to power our personal devices. Power and security from the energy we create by walking is ideally suited to wearable technologies. Wearables and mobile devices have bec...[Read More]

A new twist on fusion power could help bring limitless clean energy

In a world struggling to kick its addiction to fossil fuels and feed its growing appetite for energy, there’s one technology in development that almost sounds too good to be true: nuclear fusion. If it works, fusion power offers vast amounts of clean energy with a near limitless fuel source and virtually zero carbon emissions. That’s if it works. But there are teams of researchers around the world...[Read More]

South Africa’s new energy plan has sparked strong emotions. Here’s why

The much awaited updated South African Integrated Resource Plan for electricity has been released for comment. The document makes far-reaching proposals about the target energy generation mix leading all the way to 2050. In particular, the plan pronounces on the future scale and role of nuclear energy and renewable energy technologies. The appropriateness of these has been debated a great deal in ...[Read More]

How South Africa can spread renewable energy to low income areas

There has been a rapid decline in the costs of solar and wind power, to such an extent that both technologies are now cheaper than nuclear or coal. This development will radically transform global electricity generation networks. How this transformation takes place in South Africa will depend on the role of government, the regulator, the market and to some extent civil society. At the moment gover...[Read More]

Google promises investment in Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Power Project

Google are going to be doing some extra clean energy investing in Africa, specifically in Kenya, by purchasing a stake in the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, the largest wind farm in Africa. The search (and everything else) company will be achieving this by purchasing the stake owned by a company called Vestas. Vestas is the outfit supplying wind turbines for the initiative, like the one above. U...[Read More]

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