Load shedding is back until 22h00 this Sunday


UPDATE: Welp, it looks like it can, and will, get worse. Load shedding Stage 4 will kick in from 14:00 today, 9/6/21. That continues until 22:00 this evening, before dropping back to Stage 2. Why? Additional breakdowns, that’s why.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Happy Wednesday! Load shedding is back and it’s not going anywhere until the end of the weekend.

Well yay.

According to a post on Eskom’s official twitter account, Stage 2 will commence at 10h00 today and run through until Sunday at 22h00.

Load shedding ain’t going away

According to a report on News24, the reason for the planned outages are due to delays in returning generation units to service at Kusile, Tutuka, Duvha, Kendal and Koeberg power stations.

According to the release, breakdowns currently total 13 752MW (a slight improvement on yesterday’s figure) while planned maintenance means 1 273MW is unavailable.

So, yeah, happy Wednesday everyone. And thanks Eskom. We appreciated your efforts. Kind of.


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