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Stuff’s load shedding survival guide – Unlimited power!

We’re not here to disappoint anyone — we know you’re all quite fidgety because you’ve been stuck watching prehistoric Netflix (a candle flickering against the wall) for the past two weeks. Maybe you haven’t had a proper warm bath for a few days, or you’ve long since blown your UberEats budget. Here’s something to brighten up your gloom slightly — Stuff’s load shedding survival guide! I...[Read More]

Light Start – Giant batteries, Joburg power out, extinct viruses, and naming paint

Tesla is building a giant lithium ion battery Down Under… A few power blackouts in South Australia is all it took for heads to roll and plans to be made to ensure no Aussie in the region need ever worry about their PVR missing Masterchef again. Eskom, are you reading this? Part of the solution comes courtesy of Elon Musk’s company Tesla, which offered to build a giant battery solution ...[Read More]

South Africa’s new energy plan has sparked strong emotions. Here’s why

The much awaited updated South African Integrated Resource Plan for electricity has been released for comment. The document makes far-reaching proposals about the target energy generation mix leading all the way to 2050. In particular, the plan pronounces on the future scale and role of nuclear energy and renewable energy technologies. The appropriateness of these has been debated a great deal in ...[Read More]

Explainer: what is solar thermal electricity?

A large solar thermal electricity plant will soon begin operating near Ouarzazate, Morocco, which will reportedly bring energy to a million people when fully complete. But what is solar thermal electricity and how does it differ from the method used to generate power from the solar panels you might be more familiar with? The Moroccan plant uses large mirrors in the form of parabolic troughs (as in...[Read More]

How South Africa can spread renewable energy to low income areas

There has been a rapid decline in the costs of solar and wind power, to such an extent that both technologies are now cheaper than nuclear or coal. This development will radically transform global electricity generation networks. How this transformation takes place in South Africa will depend on the role of government, the regulator, the market and to some extent civil society. At the moment gover...[Read More]

Light Start – Solar airports, Android Blackberry, Alienware 18, Hail To The King Baby, and Google

Psst. Hey Eskom. Check this out – it’s a solar-powered airport Everybody needs electricity these days, now it’s just a question about where it comes from. In India, at Chochin International Airport, electricity comes from sunlight. And the 46,150 solar panels that help to generate around 12MW of power needed to keep the whole airport running. Gee, we wonder which other country co...[Read More]

Without a generator – Stuff’s Load Shedding Survival Guide

Not everybody can afford a generator, or solar panels or a gas-powered alternative energy source (they are nice and quiet though). But load-shedding is still a reality for South African residents and you’ve got to do something with the electricity down-time that we’re all being so lovingly treated to. How do you get by when the power’s out and there’s nothing to do but sit ...[Read More]

Charge Everything – Eskom planning extensive maintenance this weekend

We hope that you have your devices all lined up and charged, alternative sources of power and/or entertainment handy and a pretty decent supply of food that doesn’t need to be cooked. Eskom is, according a report from the SABC, set to take down at least a few of their generating units this weekend for maintenance. The down-time, which has been dubbed an annual ‘maintenance festivalR...[Read More]

Eskom’s solar heating rebate project to move to Dept of Energy by month-end

Back in 2008 when South Africa’s electricity issues started in earnest, with the whole country being subject to rolling blackouts (or ‘load-shedding’, if you’re trying to soften the blow), Eskom announced plans for a solar heating rebate project that would have seen homes that switches to solar energy for heating geysers securing some extra cash in addition to a lowered ele...[Read More]

SA solar power initiative to power up to 80,000 SA homes

We can’t say that we don’t need this right about now. A company called SolarReserve announced recently that a new solar power plant near Kimberly, called the Jasper plant, is online and set to power up to 80,000 homes in South Africa every year. Why is this appearing on Stuff? Solar power, obviously, but the initiative was also made possible with the involvement of Google, who seems to...[Read More]

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