Spotify reveals Only You so you don’t have to wait for your annual Wrap


One of Spotify’s most popular features is its annual Wrap, which pops up at the end of every year.

It’s around this time you’ll see a tonne of users posting their most-played tracks, artists, podcasts of the year. The Wrap results are always entertaining and sometimes unexpected, but like all rather good things, users are forced to wait for it.

Well, it’s the middle of the year and the music-streaming has decided to release its new Only You feature, which once again offers users a “Wrapped-like” experience in the app that is unique to every user. And yes, of course you can share it.

Share your Spotify Only You Experience

“While you’ll have to wait a few more months for Wrapped and the top lists of what soundtracked your 2021, Only You is all about celebrating how you listen and provides a Wrapped-like shareable experience that we know users will love. Plus, fans will receive new, personalised playlists as part of the Only You journey,” Spotify said in a statement.

So what sort of thing are listeners in for? Here’s a breakdown of the experience courtesy of the streaming app:

  • Your Audio Birth Chart: Brought to life through the artists you listen to. Sun: the top artist you listened to over the last six months, Moon: an artist you listen to that best shows your emotional or vulnerable side and Rising: an artist you’ve recently connected with. 
  • Your Dream Dinner Party: The three artists you’d invite to the dinner party of your dreams. Once selected, Spotify will create a personalised Spotify Mix for each artist to set the mood. 
  • Your Artist Pairs: The unique audio pairings that you’ve listened to recently, showing your range of listening interests. 
  • Your Song Year: How you’ve musically travelled through different time periods. 
  • Your Time of Day: The music and podcast content you listen either early in the morning or late at night. 
  • Your Genres/Topics: How music and podcast genres set you apart based on your listening habits.

It’s a bit of fun for users and we expect to see it shared quite extensively. On a personal note, though, I had no idea I was listening to that much music by Helmet (Sun) and Mental Minority (Moon) over the last six months. Time for some variation methinks! This feature is now available via the Spotify mobile app and will stick around until 30 June.


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