Huawei offers a peek at the new P50 flagship


As part of its HarmonyOS & New Products Launch stream, Huawei offered viewers a quick peak at its new flagship smartphone, the P50. Unfortunately, details on the phone were scarce, but we were treated to a pretty flashy slow-pan of the new flagship’s design.

Peeking at the Huawei P50

As is the trend with modern smartphones, the design is effectively just a dolled up and upgraded version of the P40, and that’s not an insult. Both are look like incredibly sleek and stylish devices. The new edition is just like watching Tony Stark unveil a new Iron Man suit. More of the same good stuff, but better.

The most striking aspect of the phone is its camera array, leaks of which were making the rounds about a month ago. There are two circular modules stacked on top of each other. The top one houses three lenses, presumably used to manage close, mid, and long-range shots. The bottom would then carry a periscopic lens for some crazy zoom capabilities. All of this is saddled alongside a Leica logo, so you can guarantee that this phone’s going to be a shutterbug’s dream.

Aside from that there was almost no info on the internals, or even a release date. Huawei confirmed that the P50 will be running its very own HarmonyOS, and we’re quite keen to see what that looks like. As for a release date, Huawei is probably (understandably) hesitant to make any promises it can’t keep, and the ongoing microchip shortage will definitely effect production and distribution.

For that reason, Huawei is, “trying to figure out how to make this great product available to you,” as soon as possible.



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