Twitter is asking users to opt-in to ad tracking


iOS 14.5 brought a lot of cool stuff to the iPhone, but one of the most exciting new features was the App Tracking Transparency feature.

This requires all apps to ask for your permission before they can sink their teeth into your information. Not surprisingly, the majority of iPhone users weren’t keen on that at all.

In light of this, Twitter is now politely asking users to let them track their ads with an in-app prompt.

Twitter’s pretty upfront about tracking

iOS Twitter users on the latest version of the app should already be seeing the prompt pop up. The prompt explains that Twitter would like to track data from the pages and apps you visit on your device in order to, “keep them relevant to you.”  The prompt goes on to explain that you can opt-out via your device settings later on if you change your mind.

It’s actually a pretty clean message. Twitter is relatively clear about what ad-tracking means, and doesn’t appear to be trying to scare its users into allowing it. This is pretty tame approach considering the stacks of cash big social media platforms rake in with ad-tracking practices.

In contrast, Facebook has been up in arms about Apple’s ATT feature for a while now. Back in February the social media titan started pushing a prompt before the iOS 14 update asking users to opt-in to ad-tracking to preemptively soften the blow the upgraded privacy features it brought with it. And at the beginning of this month, Facebook and Instagram users began seeing prompts asking them to, ‘help keep Facebook/Instagram free of charge.

So, kudos to Twitter for being slightly more relaxed about it. It’s probably planning to make up some of its income lost due to iOS 14.5 with some new projects, like its Blue subscription service, so it doesn’t need to push ad-tracking as intensely as its competitors.

Source: MacRumours


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