Samsung’s Neo QLED range has launch in SA – here’s what you’ll pay for 8K


Neo QLEDFirst, there was QLED, Samsung’s attempt to convince everyone that OLED wasn’t that big of a deal. Now there’s Neo QLED (which is short for ‘new Quantum light-emitting diode), and it’s just landed in South Africa.

Samsung’s new range of Neo QLED TV sets has dropped — all six of them — and they’re priced well enough that your bank account won’t be completely terrified. This is good news if you’re desperate to make the jump to 8K, because you only need to sell one kidney this year.

Use the Force, Neo QLED

So what can you expect to pay for one of Samsung’s new panels? If you’re in the market for some 8K magic in your life (and it really is magical, when it’s available) then you can lay hands on the 65in QN800A 8K set for R62,000. Which isn’t a terrible price of admission for an 8K screen, especially since there’s currently a limited offer that throws in one of Samsung’s HW-Q800T/XA soundbars. If you want the 85in version of the same TV, you’re looking at R185,000. That’s a little less affordable but you’ll also snag the HW-Q950T/XA soundbar free-of-charge if you’re feeling rich right about now.

There are three versions of Samsung’s 4K QN85A in stores. If you grab the 55in or 65in versions (R23,000 and R34,000 respectively), for a limited time you’ll get a Samsung HW-Q60T/XA soundbar with your shiny new panel. The 75in QN85A includes an HW-Q800T/XA soundbar, while the lone QN90A 4K TV (R33,000) also includes an HW-Q60T/XA. If you’re keen on getting your free soundbar on, you’ll have to order your Neo QLED set before 31 May this year. That’s long enough to convince your bank to give you a massive loan, right?


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