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Sennheiser to launch first consumer soundbar, the Ambeo

In May, we’ll see the true sound-king, Sennheiser, launch its first commercial soundbar, called the Ambeo which includes a whopping nine speakers.

Lenovo Yoga C930 review – A convertible with features in all the right places

The Yoga C930 is a powerful little notebook that has a decent battery life and can function under pressure (like 100-Chrome-tabs-running-at-once pressure). 

Got a curved TV? Samsung now makes a curved soundbar to match

Samsung has just unveiled the world’s first curved soundbar speaker, designed to accompany the firm’s 55in and 65in curved television models. The Samsung HW-7500 and HW-7501 (the difference between the two models is just the colour, apparently) feature the same exact curve radius as those TVs, so when you mount them below the two products match perfectly. If you’ve got your Samsung TV wall-mounted...[Read More]

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