Toshiba’s TVs have (re)entered the South African market


Everywhere you look in this country, when the time comes to shop for a TV set, you see ever only a handful of brands. South Africa doesn’t have a great selection, but it’s just grown by one. Toshiba has relaunched its TVs in the country, according to an announcement from the company.

Toshiba TV time

What’s more, the brand’s new sets are being manufactured in Cape Town. There are currently eight sets on the South African market, available though Takealot (and other places that sell TVs), with more on the way. The TVs themselves range in size from 40in (which’ll cost you just R4,300 for a very basic HD set) to 65in, the latter of which is the company’s headliner. The 65in set is a smarter UHD model powered by Android, which will set you back R14,000.

Toshiba spokesperson Mohamed Hamdy said, “We are proud to be producing TVs once again in the country, offering exceptional products to South African customers again, and building on the brand’s history and deep relationships with South Africa.”

The biggest question is: What’s the quality like? The company is playing up any possible nostalgia you might feel, by reminding folks that they’ve been making TV sets since 1957, but we’d much rather see these televisions in action. Stuff has requested one to play with — as soon as we’ve time to explore (and tried to break it), we’ll have a verdict for you.


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