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Time to put the Toshiba Tecra X40 to the test

While everyone is busy flipping out over convertible laptops — Toshiba is busy building some high-spec business laptops that should have enough jump in their step to keep up with Dell and HP. That’s what we expect from Toshiba, and the review unit we received runs an Intel Core i5-7200U processor and comes with 8GB RAM. Which should be enough to keep up with general day-to-day office-bound w...[Read More]

Light Start – Nuclear robots, Unreal MGS, delivery drones, and a Ubisoft cave

See Toshiba’s Fukushima nuclear cleanup robot in action Japan’s Fukushimi nuclear disaster is still, well, a disaster but robots might be able to help with the cleanup efforts. Toshiba have constructed a robot which will be cleaning up spent fuel rod pools at the nuclear facility, inside the Reactor 3 building at Fukushima No 1. The robot, which will be remotely controlled from a diffe...[Read More]

Toshiba to pay $35 million for SSD maker OCZ’s assets

Last week we heard that SSD manufacurer OCZ was starting the process for filing for bankruptcy, with Toshiba being a possible way for the company’s assets and employees to carry on after OCZ is gone. OCZ has now officially confirmed an offer from Toshiba which will see the Japanese multinational paying $35 million for the stricken hardware manufacturer’s assets. The terms of the deal w...[Read More]

Toshiba launching Kira ultrabook with 22 hour battery in Japan

Some countries get to have all the fun, with tech that we might never see this side of the world. Toshiba will be launching a new ultrabook in Japan tomorrow that will feature an estimated battery life of 22 hours on a single charge. The device, the Dynabook KIRA V654, will have a non-touchscreen 13-inch 1,366 x 768 display and it’ll be a lightweight as well, weighing just 1.12kg. There̵...[Read More]

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