iPhone 13 Pro line will have 120Hz displays, courtesy of Samsung


Speculation over what the iPhone 13 line might have in store for us began mere minutes after the 12s hit the shelves, and one conjecture the ol’ rumour-mill has been putting out relentlessly is that Apple’s new line of handsets will be decked with 120Hz displays. Well, turns out that that’s basically been confirmed now, but with the added surprise that these displays will be provided by none other than Samsung.

The iPhone 13 has an unlikely ally

Yes, that’s right, the iPhone 13 (specifically the Pro and Pro Max models) will be kitted out with 120Hz Samsung screens, reports Korean news source TheElec. The LTPO AMOLED displays Apple plans to use for its upcoming phone line are made exclusively by Samsung. Additionally, Samsung will also be supplying Apple with RFPCBs, rigid-flexible printed circuit boards. These will connect the iPhone 13 displays to their internal boards, and are rigid but also flexible enough to fold into Apple’s notoriously stylish designs.

Samsung hasn’t had great financial success with its RFPCB sales in recent years, and has considered exiting that section of the market. It supplied RFPCBs for the iPhone 12 last year, and will do so again for the 13 models, but apparently might still make an exit after that. 

Apple will receive 110 million displays from Samsung this year, a further 50 million from LG, and an additional 9 million from BOE Technology Group Co. That’s 159 million displays total.

We haven’t got a firm date on the iPhone 13 release yet, but Apple generally starts shipping new products sometime in December. However, last year the pandemic pandemonium made it so that South Africans could only grab the iPhone 12s late into the holiday season. Hopefully, we won’t face the same delays this year.

Source: GSMArena


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