New iPhone 13 details, plus a folding iPhone could turn up in 2023


It’s a long way to go until September (or October or November) but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on the current state of the iPhone 13. Apple’s newest handset could feature a larger battery than previous years, according to reports, and Apple’s also considering reducing the size of the phone’s notch. Among other things.

Examining the iPhone 13

There are, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, still four models of iPhone expected for this generation — which suggests that the reportedly poor-selling Mini version is sticking around for another try. The design isn’t expected to feature a substantial change, with the notch being the major alteration.

You can expect a larger battery in your iPhone (hooray!) as well as Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem (which will leave enough space in the chassis for other bits, owing to its smaller size). The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s sensor-shift stabilisation tech is also apparently destined for the entire iPhone 13 range, right down to the Mini. That’s about it as far as general info goes but the iPhone 13 Pro, however, is supposed to be in for a substantial upgrade.

Starting with the display. A 120Hz variable refresh rate LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) screen is supposedly in the offing for the iPhone 13’s Pro (and better) handsets, and there’s also a better ultrawide image sensor (at f/1.8 versus the 12 Pro Max’s f/2.4) heading to Apple’s Pro models this year. But if you’ve been waiting on USB-C for the iPhone, don’t hold your breath. It’ll either stay Lightning or Apple could “…directly adopt the portless design with MagSafe support instead of using a USB-C port.” But that’s more likely to happen next year.

Learning to fold

That Apple has designs on a folding iPhone is no secret (or involves an awful lot of wishful thinking). Most recently, LG’s been rumoured to be helping the American company with its folding display designs. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offers up a more solid timeline for when we might see an actual product.

The folding iPhone would apparently have a screen between 7.5in and 8in in size (unfolded, we assume) and 2023 is the year we might see the device itself, according to Kuo. So not 2020 or 2021, then. But that date assumes that the company surmounts “key technology and mass production issues”, which it hasn’t begun to address just yet. If it proceeds at all — there reportedly aren’t even any prototypes at this stage and Apple could still bail on the folding phone concept altogether.

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