Rumour has it that Apple is working on a folding iPhone


It’s the hottest new piece of tech for companies to try their hand at actually getting right. While the future of foldable touchscreen smartphones is up for debate, that hasn’t stopped players from throwing their horseshoe for the stake, praying that they somehow manage to hit the target. Where the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip didn’t quite live up to the promise of sleek and fashionable design those trendy influencers are after, Apple has spotted an opportunity to leap into the fray. That is, if the rumours prove to be true.

Known leaker (gross, we know) Jon Prosser claims that a foldable iPhone is currently being prototyped. What makes this attempt different from recent attempts by competitors is that, rather than being a single, homogenous screen that folds, Apple’s phone will be two separate screens. These screens will operate under the same parameters and will be connected by a hinge that physically divides them, meaning the device would be able to fold without having to worry about grime or dust slipping under the screen. Or worrying about that whole ‘folding glass’ problem.

Despite the hinge providing two distinct screens, Prosser says that Apple has committed to ensuring that the screen’s presentation is “fairly continuous and seamless”. The phone will also lack a top notch and will have stainless steel edges, like the current iteration of the iPhone 11.

Look, it’s possible that this could be the real deal. Earlier this year a patent was filed by Apple to produce something similar to what Prosser is posting about. Foldable phones are hot merch right now so we can believe Apple would at least consider the possibility. One just has to avoid thinking about that price — though Apple’s design choice would mean that it’ll be a little closer to ‘affordable’ than to ‘sell a kidney’.

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