Checkers Sixty60 adds live tracking feature in latest update


We all know that Checker’s Sixty60 is a great little app that’s been an absolute life saver (literally, for some) but this latest update… well, it’s a little creepy. Don’t get us wrong, it’s cool and all but when your press release starts off with the line, “It’s not quite stalking… but it’s close!”, that’s enough to make us pay attention. And maybe shiver a little.

The grocery delivery app has introduced a live tracking feature that not only provides users with an estimated time of arrival but allows users to track the act of shopping in real time. Which is pretty weird but also, yeah. Makes sense.

Checking up on Checkers

After you update the Checkers Sixty60 app, you’ll be able to select the “Live Shopping” option after you’ve placed an order to “watch your order being shopped in-store”. Truth be told, it’s not as creepy as it sounds. You won’t be greeted with a live feed of your designated shopper. That would be a bridge too far. Instead, you’ll be able to peruse your listed of desired items and watch them be added to the “Shopped” category one at a time.

Once everything is collected and the driver is on their way over to your abode, you can now tap “Track Delivery” to view a live representation of the driver zipping their way through traffic. It’s rather similar to the one Uber Eats or Mr D. shows of your order making its way over to your house. And by ‘rather similar’ we mean ‘exactly the same’.

It’s a small feature but a cool one that should help anxious folks who are always concerned about the state of their food feel more secure that it’ll arrive, much like Gandalf, precisely when it means to.



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