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Digit, Ford’s vision of our future robot overlords, fits in the boot of a car and delivers things

The end of humanity isn't going to come as a result of military robots taking it into their silicon heads to wipe us all out. It's going to be the result of domestic robots doing that very thing. At least, that's how the science fiction goes. And seeing Digit, the creation of Ford and a robotics startup called Agility Robotics, hasn't really assured us that things will go otherwise. But that's mos...[Read More]

Light Start – A Wing for Fins, Uber silent, Batman: Hush, and RIP Grumpy Cat

This week on Light Start, we've got drone deliveries, silent drivers, a new animated DC film, and the loss of a very cranky feline.

Drones to deliver incessant buzzing noise, and packages

A sister company of Google, Alphabet’s Wing Aviation, just got federal approval to start using drones for commercial delivery. Amazon’s own drone-delivery program is ready to launch as well. As drones take flight, the world is about to get a lot louder – as if neighborhoods were filled with leaf blowers, lawn mowers and chainsaws.

Zipline’s blood deliveries by drone shows how such innovation needs support to succeed

In a small hospital in Rwanda, a 24-year-old mother gave birth but immediately afterwards started bleeding with what doctors call postpartum haemorrhage (PPH). In thousands of case like this every year across Africa, this drastic condition often results in the mother’s death when rural clinics or hospitals don’t have enough blood to stabilise a bleeding patient. But in this case, a remarkabl...[Read More]

Drones delivering packages in cities won’t take off – here’s why

You may have gasped with disbelief the first time you saw a photograph of a drone home-delivering a box from Amazon or cakes from a bakery or carrying a bag of crisps. Until recently, this was the stuff of science fiction. Your initial reaction was probably: “Amazing … but will it ever take off?” Drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles, as we once called them – have now become capable of lifting and ...[Read More]

Uber and Kalahari are teaming up to make last-minute shopping not suck. In Cape Town.

This is certainly… different. Taxi app service Uber and online retailer Kalahari have teamed up to make shopping online an unusual experience this year, though what they have in mind would make avoiding the completely mad shopping centres in SA this festive season a possibility. As long as you live in Cape Town. Uber and Kalahari are setting up to provide some South African users with an Ube...[Read More]

Uber’s Corner Store delivery service will bring essential everyday items to your door

App-driven cab replacement service Uber is branching out into other areas. The company is currently running trials of a new service, Corner Store, which will allow users to order up everyday items for speedy, free delivery via their smartphone. It works direct from the existing Uber Android and iOS apps: you order a car as normal, but tick the “Corner Store” option and set a delivery location. You...[Read More]

Would you let Volvo use your car as a delivery location?

This could either be the best idea ever or the most horrible thing to every happen to your privacy – Volvo is working on a plan to let delivery and other companies drop off good at their customers cars by giving them access to the vehicles with a “digital key”. The auto manufacturer plans to unveil the tech, known as Roam Delivery, at Mobile World Congress next week according to ...[Read More]

Deliveries of the future: Amazon’s Prime Air to use delivery drones

It’s sometimes a bit rough having to wait for a package from an online delivery service, that bit of kit depends on the warehouse and couriers there’s always a bit of time in transit. But, if Amazon get their way then certain areas will have pizza-delivery times for the online purchases thanks to something the company calls Prime Air. Prime Air is a new plan which would use drones, sim...[Read More]

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