This is a Triumph – check out the British bike-maker’s TE-1 electric bike project


Project Triumph TE-1If the headline has stuck Still Alive from the video game Portal in your head, our work here is kinda done. But the Triumph we’re actually talking about is one being made by the British bike manufacturer by the same name — specifically their new concept Triumph TE-1.

Which is looking really rather good. And we’re not just talking about the overall design, though that does look rather attractive. It’s not hard to make an exciting motorcycle — just imagine something you’d like to fight ninja from the back of and you’re 90% there — but it’s the motor assembly that’s deserving of your attention.

A Triumph of engineering

Which is Phase 2 of the TE-1 project, and the company says that phase is complete. Apparently the next phase is Profit. Well, actually, there are two more phases, neither of which are related to old South Park jokes. But the engine? Yeah, that’s been sorted out.

The TE-1’s electric motor assembly can sustain an output of 107 horsepower, with a peak of 174 horsepower, according to its creators. Its 15kW battery supports a range of nearly 200km on a charge — which isn’t bad but does make an eventual production model a commuter bike rather than something really long-distance. At least, that’s the case here at home. When it does charge, though, it’ll go from zero to 80% in about 20 minutes, which isn’t a bad proposition for a road trip.

But it’s not ready for production just yet. The bike-maker, and the entities helping it design this lovely thing (Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain, and WMG at the University of Warwick), are waiting for the price of the batteries it uses to come down, so that it’ll be a more affordable proposition.

Triumph isn’t the only old-school motorcycle manufacturer testing the electrical waters. Harley Davidson is rolling out a quieter version of their iconic bikes with the LiveWire (and also spun off an electric bicycle division, for what it’s worth).


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