Harley Davidson quietly branches out into bicycles with the Serial 1 Cycle Company


Harley Davidson is an iconic name when it comes to motorcycles, conjuring up images of… well, people with far too much money these days, but once upon a time it was an outlaw image — a bit like Trevor from GTA V. Harley’s gone from fossil fuels to electric motors, a process that took a good few years. But with the launch of the Serial 1 Cycle Company, switching to man-power (or woman-power, it’s all the same thing) shouldn’t take nearly as long.

We’re totally Serial (1 Cycle Company)

Only they’re not really making bicycles. Not the traditional conveyance that has terrified humans since 1817 (since 1885, if you’re counting chain-driven vehicles), anyway. Rather, the Serial 1 Cycle Company is entering the e-bike market with the Serial 1, a retail version of which will launch in 2021. We’ve got some idea what it’ll look like, cos the company has revealed its design (but this might not be a final design, sooo…), but we’ve got no idea (yet) what sort of range, motor or price there is in store for prospective buyers.

Which is a category that, weirdly, may include serious Harley Davidson fans. The Serial 1 Cycle Company gets its name from Harley Davidson’s very first bike, which was known as ‘Serial Number One’ when it was first put together in 1903. You can see a glimpse of it in the background of the image above, but we’d imagine that Serial 1 is a little more… eco-friendly.

More detail of Harley’s shift into the e-bike space will be coming later this month. The company has an announcement planned for 16 November. Stay tuned.


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