Even Telegram is looking to copy Clubhouse


Clubhouse is popping off right now. You might not be aware of it, considering you still need an invitation to make use of the audio-only social media platform and it hasn’t really penetrated South Africa yet, but Clubhouse is steadily growing in popularity every day. In fact, it’s growing at such a rapid pace that everyone is trying to grab a piece of it. Several well-established platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have begun implementing audio-only chatrooms for users; Twitter Spaces launched a few months ago while Facebook is still in the process of running Clubhouses’ DNA through its cloning machine.

Strangely enough, even Telegram is getting in on audio-chatrooms. The instant messaging app, which is probably still riding high on the boost in uses it gained thanks to WhatsApp being more than a little shady, is also working on a Clubhouse-like feature. According to a report from TestingCatalog, the latest version of Telegram may feature audio chat in channels. Channel admins can generate links for both speakers and listeners. Listeners who want to add to the conversation can select an option to “Raise their hand”… just like all the other clones out there.


Sending Telegrams to the Clubhouse

Users can go one step further and record their audio chats and post them directly to the channel. This way users can make announcements or formal statements for channels without worrying about making a mistake while going live.

In a way, it makes sense for Telegram to incorporate this feature into its channels. Telegram channels can have thousands of people within them and while only people who have permission can send messages, it could be a great deal simpler to just allow certain people to speak. More entertaining too, as channels can organise talks with individuals that may be of interest to the people involved in the channel itself.

Source: TechRadar


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