Clubhouse isn’t even widely available yet and Facebook is already working on a copy


This is a report that may come with an ‘allegedly’ or two but given what we know about Facebook, it’s probably true. Clubhouse, the social media service you may have heard about but probably aren’t invited to (yet), already has Zuckerberg working on a clone. Because Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram aren’t enough, apparently.

I’ll make my own Clubhouse!

The New York Times reports that Facebook is already working on a copy of the voice chat social network that has yet to enter the mainstream. Details are thin and, according to the publication, the project is still in the “…early stages of development”.

It’s possible that this apparent clone won’t launch at all, but since Facebook liberally ‘borrows’ its new features from the companies it doesn’t buy, we expect this one to come to fruition. After all, Reels (based on TikTok) and Stories (snatched from Snapchat) did.

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg actually spent a little time on Clubhouse not so long ago, talking about the future of augmented and virtual reality. We like to imagine that while he was talking, Facebook staffers were nearby, furiously making notes.

But the social network isn’t the only company working on something akin to Clubhouse. Twitter’s currently testing a rendition of the fledgling service, called Spaces. And serial investor Mark Cuban is fiddling with something called Fireside, which does much the same thing as the world’s freshest social media app is supposed to.

Source: The New York Times


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