Twitter acquires podcast app Breaker, will expand Spaces


Podcasts are a booming industry right now so in order to get in on that action, Twitter has acquired the start up Breaker, an app that specialised in podcast distribution with an extra emphasis on social interaction and community engagement. Of course, this is Twitter we’re talking about so obviously the social media platform has no interest in the “podcast” side of Breaker and instead wants to utilise the team’s social elements to improve Spaces.

What is Spaces, you ask? Don’t worry, it’s not that you haven’t been paying attention but more because no-one actually cares about Twitter Spaces; hence the acquisition. Spaces are essential audio-only chatrooms hosted on Twitter were uses can get together with followers and chat. Yeah, it’s really not a big deal so here’s hoping that Breaker can do something for it in the future. Spaces are currently still being tested but it’s not like anyone is particularly hyped about them.

Twitter wants to Breaker the internet

Twitter’s engineering lead Michael Montano noted the reason for the social media platform’s acquisition of Breaker, stating that it will “improve the health of public conversation on our service”. Breaker, which was only established in 2016 and was home to a small but dedicated userbase, will be used to flesh out and expand Spaces to such an extent that people actually might start caring about it.

The Breaker twitter account tweeted out that it’s “excited to be building the future of public conversations,” while co-founder of the business Leah Culver stated that she’s, “excited to help create the future of audio conversations.” Breaker confirmed in a blog post that it will permanently shut down on 15 January and directed users on how to export their subscriptions to a range of different podcast apps.

If you’re wondering how big the podcast industry is, even Netflix is trying to get in on the game as the video streaming app has started testing an “audio only” streaming option to turn movies and series into podcasts. If you’re wanting to leap into the world of podcasts but have no idea where to start, might we suggest Google Podcasts? It’s free, features excellent audio quality and handily categories shows into whatever genre you’re looking for.

(Source: Engadget)


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