Netflix wants to enter the podcast game with audio-only playback


Sometimes, all you want to do is sit back, relax and watch a Netflix show without the video enabled. Or that’s what Netflix seems to think. In a recent update, it’s become clear that the video streaming platform is testing a feature that’ll allow you to only listen to the audio of a show. We’re not convinced of the use-cases here, but we’re keen to give ‘em a chance. 

According to a recent report by the Android Police, an update on the server features the audio-only mode option. Is this the streaming service’s foray into podcasting?

Not really. This won’t constitute as podcasts. Many shows may be pretty hard to take in and appreciate in audio-only mode. It’s particularly not ideal for many feature-length films or anything by Micheal Bay really. How will you know exactly what thing has exploded after what sounds like an intense car chase? You wouldn’t.

Here’s how to access it

Some people may have access to the feature already, in which case, you’ll see a new “Video Off” button at the top of the full-screen player. Hitting that button will switch off the visual part of the show and give your audio playback only. 

According to the reports, you’ll also be able to control the mode from within the app settings. Simply head to a setting called “Audio Only”, tap it and you’ll get to choose between “Always On,” “Headphones or External Speakers” and “Off.”

The one massive upside here is that streaming in audio-only will cut down on data costs tremendously. And notwithstanding our worries stipulated above, it may well work for things like documentaries and more informative series like Vice’s Explained series or even stand-up comedies. 

Source: Android Authority via Engadget


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