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Podcast company Acast’s acquisition of Pippa is a South African success story

Co-founded by a South African based in New York, podcast company Pippa has today announced it's being acquired by Acast for an undisclosed sum.

Apple acquires Shazam and promises an ad-free app from now on

Shazam is probably one of the more innovative apps available. Pretty much every person who has listened to music in a public space has thought “I wonder what this song is called?” at some stage and Shazam neatly stepped in to provide solutions to those musings. Obviously Apple feels the same way, because it has officially completed its acquisition of Shazam. The company confirmed it was buying Sha...[Read More]

Apple rumoured to be working on a bundled service of video, music and magazines

Apple has been a busy little corporation, and is rumoured to be plotting sneaky acquisitions and service bundle schemes behind the scenes. The planned streaming service could bundle streaming video with a subscription to magazines, Apple Music, and iCloud storage. According to multiple sources, Apple wants to create a single subscription offering that would encompass its original TV shows, music s...[Read More]

Hisense is taking over Sharp’s TV range in the Americas

Sharp’s TV line hasn’t been doing all that well, particularly in the Americas where competition is extremely fierce. The likes of Samsung and LG, like most other places, make penetrating the TV market a tough proposition. It seems that Sharp, in that region at least, has thrown in the towel. Their brand will live on though, thanks to Chinese company Hisense which seems to be everywhere...[Read More]

Who’s going to pick it first? Several companies reportedly eying BlackBerry acquisition

Right now BlackBerry is The Company That Would Not Die, despite all expectations to the contrary a short while back. Even Stuff predicted that BlackBerry’s life-span might be coming to an end but it’s been a few years since that erroneous augury. But the office-phone outfit might be getting a new lease on life, if a report by DigiTimes turns out to be correct. BlackBerry’s put in...[Read More]

Samsung digs a pothole for Apple’s electric car plans

Recent rumours have strongly suggested that Apple is secretly working on an electric (and possibly self-driving) car. Exciting stuff – but Samsung may be determined to lay down some speedbumps for its biggest rival. How, you ask? Well, the Korean giant has officially acquired the battery business of Magna Steyr – a company Apple was reportedly in talks with regarding its electric car. Magna Steyr ...[Read More]

Microsoft acquires Minecraft and creator Mojang for $2.5 billion

Confirming the recent sensational rumour, Microsoft has announced that it has acquired the Minecraft franchise and its creator, Swedish studio Mojang, at a price of $2.5 billion. Allaying initial fears, Microsoft has confirmed that Minecraft will continue to exist on the platforms it’s already been released for, including competing devices like PlayStation consoles, iOS, and Android. It remains to...[Read More]

Google buys incredibly clever AI-based city guide creator Jetpac

The internet has largely rendered the traditional printed city guide obsolete. After all, why buy a book that’ll already be out of date when the likes of Foursquare, TripAdvisor and any number of smartphone apps can give you a frequently-updated list of the best attractions, bars and restaurants? iOS app Jetpac offers an even smarter twist on the city guide – and it’s a twist that has just seen it...[Read More]

Nest adds a few more branches, purchasing home monitoring company DropCam

Google acquired smart-device maker Nest a short while ago and now Nest is adding a few more feathers by doing some acquiring of their own. According to a post on the Nest website, the company is busy acquiring an outfit called DropCam, which specialises in home monitoring gear. No specifics are available are available concerning what Nest (and, by extension, Google) wants with DropCam. DropCam mak...[Read More]

Twitter acquires video editing and posting outfit SnappyTV

Facebook has added another new fruit to their tree, announcing the acquisition of a company called SnappyTV. The company, which is based in San Francisco, specialises in video editing for upload to social networks and Twitter intends to use the company to “…make it easy for TV broadcasters, businesses, and event producers to share high-quality videos”. The result is that you migh...[Read More]

Google picks up satellite company Skybox for $500 million

Lending a bit of credence to the idea that Google is planning on launching a fleet of satellites of their very own is a new acquisition by the search company. Skybox, a satellite imaging outfit that launched their own orbital photographer last year, has been picked up by Google for the sum of $500 million, according to Skybox. Just what Google has in store for Skybox hasn’t been made clear b...[Read More]

Facebook acquires mobile data company Pryte – before it launches

Facebook has acquired a Finnish company called Pryte, an outfit that is set to specialise in “…single-click buying of mobile data on a need-to and per app basis”. The weird thing is that Pryte has yet to officially start doing business, so someone at Facebook HQ seems to have a crystal ball in hand for this one. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed to anyone other than t...[Read More]

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