Takealot competitor Everyshop’s online store is now live


UPDATE 06/04/2021: Everyshop announced that its eCommerce platform is now official. “During the month of March the Everyshop website has been available in a testing environment to the public, consumers were welcome to explore and purchase during this period with some initial promotions… It is finally here! The much-anticipated launch of Everyshop, South Africa’s latest and most exciting e-Commerce platform,” a press statement reads.

Most of the time, having healthy competition in the marketplace encourages a healthier economy. Just look at Facebook — it’s become an uncontrollable monster because it lacks competition. Now, South Africa’s eCommerce market’s looking at a shake-up thanks to Everyshop, an online store that looks to take on Takealot’s dominant position. 

In October 2020, we picked up a whiff of a new online store that’s on the horizon. At that point we didn’t know when it’ll make its way to the web, and what products we’ll see listed. We did know that the store is backed by JD Group, the people behind successful brick-and-mortar stores like Russels, Bradlows, HiFi Corporation and Incredible Connection.

Everyshop’s flexing

Everyshop is officially live today, 9 March 2021, and lists a range of consumer tech products, PCs, appliances, and other products from a variety of brands. Of course, JD Group has an established logistics system, which makes it the perfect establishment to take on the likes of Takealot. Its existing catalogue of tech, furniture and appliances also translates into an impressive online catalogue. 

According to the site, delivery is available to any address in South Africa. Deliveries are scheduled for Mondays to Fridays only, and public holidays don’t count either. No collection points are currently available, but the shop is working on establishing a few across the country.

Because of its official launch, Everyshop is littered with special prices for a variety of products like TVs, consoles and games, and even furniture. 




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