Everyshop, a new online store, is hoping to dethrone Takealot


Takealot has us all in its’ pockets, right? While there are some great online stores like Loot and Raru to contest Takealot’s dominance, it’s still the top dog in terms of variety, stock and sometimes even price. Selling everything from food to high-end computer equipment, Takealot has built itself the reputation of being the online store that most people search first for whatever they’re in the market for. So it’ll be an uphill battle for Everyshop, a new online store that’s set to compete with Takealot. We don’t know all that much about the platform yet but based on the organisations backing it, there could be something there…

Everyshop will be launching in the near future and will focus mainly on technology, offering products such as household and kitchen appliances, computers, computer parts and a wide variety of other furniture such as beds and comfy sofas. Well, the sofas are presumably comfy. Would be pretty poor form if they weren’t.

It makes sense that its catalogue would be focused in such a way as the endeavour is being supported by JD Group, the chaps that own a slew of well-known and popular businesses including Russels, Bradlows, HiFi Corporation and Incredible Connection.

Much like Takealot, Everyshop is handling deliveries via 16 separate distribution centres across the country, meaning that it should hopefully not take too long for that new mattress to arrive at your doorstep.

Everyshop for everyone?

Everyshop is looking at providing a curated list of products pulled from the companies already associated with JD Group as well as expanding into newer products unavailable in the brick and mortar stores. One has to wonder how the opening of Everyshop is going to affect those remaining HiFi Corps and Incredible Connections still standing as more people will likely take advantage of the online store rather than a physical location.

(Source: BusinessTech)


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