FNB customers can now deposit cash at Checkers and Shoprite stores


Life just became a great deal easier for FNB customers… if they happen to live down the road from a Checkers or Shoprite. You know, those shopping centres that generally have decent prices and a looming scent of fish wafting about the place. If you bank with FNB you’ll now be able to deposit cash into your account at the till of either the aforementioned shops. Very handy if you happen to live miles away from an actual ATM but around the corner from a supported store.

FNB customers can make use of the service at a collective 1,700 Checkers and Shoprite stores around the country starting from today. You’ll be limited to a maximum deposit of R3,000 into whichever bank account you want at a flat fee. Seems reasonable enough if you ask us.

FNB-lieve it

FNB payments executive Raj Makanjee said, “The move is in line with our strategy to offer customers a wider choice of simple, real and affordable help through accessible everyday channels. The combination of our nation-wide branch network and Shoprite’s extensive retail footprint allows us to help customers to easily and conveniently manage their cash needs as they do their daily shopping. We are committed to consistently expanding our network of access points to ensure that financial services is available in and around communities.”

The introduction of a deposit service is a solid addition, as customers could already withdraw money from Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Boxer and selected Spar stores at no additional cost. FNB customers can also replace lost cards at Checkers and Shoprite, as well as earn eBucks on all their purchases.

Now if you wanted to make your life even easier, you could also use the new virtual card released by FNB late last year.



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