Openserve will double its fibre speeds at no extra cost


Come March 2021, Openserve fibre clients should see a significant increase in their internet speeds. Not by some fluke, mind you. Telkom’s fibre division has announced that it is doubling customer fibre connection speeds at no additional cost. 

Openserve’s Fibre Connect network will issue a speed upgrade through the various internet service providers (ISPs) in less than a month’s time. It functions as a telecommunications infrastructure provider, whereas ISPs offer the actual data or internet connection at a price determined by them.  

Openserve is speed

Its fibre packages are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other infrastructure providers, which, in return, brings ISP prices down on the Openserve network. This makes fibre broadband more accessible in South Africa. As a bonus, its prices won’t increase along with the planned speed increase. 

The free speed boost forms part of Openserve’s ‘broadband portfolio enhancement strategy’. And its updated packages will start at the 25Mbps symmetrical option. This means it will drop the 10Mbps and 20Mbps options, while the most expensive 200Mbps option won’t receive a speed increase, but users will only pay the 100Mbps monthly price. 

During lockdown 2020, Vumatel doubled fibre user line speeds for two months to help with the increased demand for working from home. Would’ve been nice if it followed suit this time around.

In addition to more speed, customers that opt for certain ISPs will qualify for a free or discounted installation of the physical line.


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    • Its Funny My brother is at cool ideas and Vumatel they have more problems than we do with Telkom and openserve. I get 2 3 ping each test even if im downloading he gets on a good day 11. Atleast once a month cool ideas serves is slow then they send an excuse (We are getting hacked) and we pay R500 for 10mbps well 25 now they pay R800 for 10mbps and services thats bad.

    • Openserve might be a division of Telkom, but this is Fibre, not adsl and surely not dialup. So fibre is more stable and therefor i have found no problem with Openserve for past 4 years. They are cheaper than their competition and now double the speed permanently… Be happy

      • Hi Julian, thank you for your comment. I am with Afrihost and pay R900 for 20mmbs and thinking of moving to OpenServer for R500, 25mpbs, would you say it is worth my while, service, connectivity etc? Thank you in advance.

  2. I’ve been with Telkom and Openserve for many years and am always surprised by the negative sentiment everyone has around their service. They’re not the cheapest, but they have not given me reason to hassle with changing providers. Openserve techs have been especially helpful. Line quality and speed are rock solid and these free upgrades are a welcome bonus.

  3. Openserver cannot even complete our installation. They were at our house 3/4 weeks ago to install went to find the line and left. Came back again and left then a week or so after a gentleman came and said all was well he was going to connect and they would do the installation either that afternoon or the following day .
    That was 3+weeks ago.
    Still waiting

    • Calvin Van Wyk on

      Afrihost sells Open Serv fiber packages. I was super impressed with Afrihost’s services and online order process. From online to installed in 1 week.

    • Their products are good but their internal processes and staff let them down. I was a very unhappy Telkom client

    • 10Mbps will be upgraded to 25Mbps and 20Mbps will be upgraded to 50Mbps, depending on your ISP there shouldn’t be any price increase.

    • People on 10mbps wil get and upgrade for free to 25mbps (if you’re with telkom R500 And then 25mbps wil cost R500) and the 20mbps line for the users who already owns it wil he upgraded for free to 50 Mbps

  4. Terrible connection from rain. Open serve cannot give us Fibre for how many years., but the side streets and back streets have Fibre. Someone’s laziness got the better of them

  5. This article is very misleading… I’m currently paying R450 for a 10mbps, Openserve said they will increase the speed to 25mbps for free in March, but from April onwards, I have to pay R635 if I want to continue…

    • My service provider is also with Openserve. Openserve are increasing there speeds starting at 25/25 for niks, mahala nothing, no extra cost. Now my service provider is climbing on the Eskom bandwagon by increasing their prices. Mine goes up from R449 to 625, a 39% increase. If you don’t want to pay that price, tough luck, goodbye.

  6. What kind if dumb people are these at open serve. They dug two houses away and said they can’t give me Fibre or the people in my line but can give the people opposite us Fibre. We are in the same street its ridiculous. Every other street has Fibre.

    • What kind of dumb people are these at open serve. They promised me Fibre made me sign up. They dug two houses away from me and said they can’t give me Fibre or the people in my line but can give the people opposite us Fibre. We are in the same street it’s ridiculous. Every other street has Fibre. So disappointing and shocking

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