Vuma will increase your internet speed for free, but just for two months


We’re all stuck inside trying not to catch COVID-19, and all we have are our thoughts and our internet connections. Luckily, load shedding hasn’t peeked out its head for a while yet. And as an added bonus, Vuma plans on increasing line speeds of everyone on their network for the next two months. 

“Vumatel together with its participating ISP partners will be upgrading the line speeds of its existing users on the network at no additional cost, with effect 1 April 2020 until the end of May 2020, to enable seamless remote working, additional streaming and educational services,” reads a press release from the fibre provider. 

Internet speeds over 9000

From what we can gather, the change will only be implemented through a few ISPs that are willing to participate. So we have no details on the scope of this line upgrade exercise just yet. 

What this means is, if your ISP participates, your line will be upgraded to the next available tier for the duration of April and May. If you’re currently on a 50/50Mbps line, you’ll have access to 100/10Mbps line speed during this time. 

“We have a responsibility to make it easier for people to stay connected as they navigate the next few weeks of working and learning from home. By increasing the line speeds we will make content streaming and educational services more seamless; as well as enable a better remote working experience,” explains Simon Butler, chief commercial officer at Vumatel. 

While this is a nice thought, we’re not sure which ISPs will be willing to contribute to the cause, and this initiative may reach very few fibre users. We’re still cautiously positive that we’ll all gain access to all the internet speeds for the coming weeks. 

Vuma will also waive line rental fees for new customers during this time, which is a nice added bonus.


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