Apple’s rumoured VR headset hardware may cost $3000, support 8K (per eye)


Apple’s almost certainly got a VR headset heading to market, even if they’re not willing to confirm anything. And now, a new report from The Information claims to offer a whole lot more detail about the virtual reality kit.

The highlights? Apple’s planning on fielding 8K displays for each eye, and it’ll cost you. A princely $3,000, or about R45,000.

Redefining the VR headset?

Apple’s VR headset, (apparently) codenamed N301, will feature a per-eye resolution of 8K and will be powered by a successor to one of the company’s new M1 processor. The resolution will also be helped along by the use of eye-tracking techniques that renders peripheral objects at lower res.

Some of the test versions of the headset include a dozen cameras — incorporating hand tracking and tracking of the outside area. LiDAR is also supposed to be a feature of the headset, which will be used to map the area you’re playing and stop you from blundering into your furniture.

Swappable headbands are supposedly a thing, as well as an outward-facing display that shows content to people watching you entertain yourself. Plus, a mesh fabric covering similar to that seen in Apple’s speaker tech. So it should look rather attractive.

Whether it’s a retail success, if it’s even supposed to be, remains to be seen. But we’re keen to see and test it, either way. It should be incredible, in addition to incredibly expensive.

Source: The Information





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