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HP’s VR headset, codenamed Copper, wants to be easy on the eyes

Virtual reality is coming to homes. Or, at least, it's getting closer than it has at any point in its surprisingly lengthy history. The next arrival may be via computer maker HP, which has a Windows Mixed Reality headset on the way. Codenamed 'Copper', the in-development VR hardware has one thing in particular going for it -- resolution. Lots and lots of resolution. 

The LA Auto Show 2018 in pictures

The LA Auto Show is underway this week in, you guessed it, Los Angeles, and if we had to sum it up in two words they’d be “electric vehicles”. If we had to sum it up in six words, they’d be “electric vehicles: so hot right now”. Seriously. Just about every big manufacturer has an EV — or at the very least, a hybrid or three — to show off for the even...[Read More]

Google has a patent for virtual reality…. sneakers?

We’ve seen a few solutions to making motion more real in virtual reality. Prime among these is the Virtuix Omni, a Kickstarted project that costs large amounts of money (if you’re from South Africa — and from other countries too). Google’s now got a patent for a slightly smaller solution to the ‘what to do with your legs’ problem in VR — a pair of virtual ...[Read More]

VR technology gives new meaning to ‘holidaying at home’. But is it really a substitute for travel?

Tourism is often about seeking deeper emotional and personal connections with the world around us. It’s a quintessential part of the “experience economy”, creating memories that can be recalled, re-lived and re-shared for a lifetime. But not all travel experiences take place in the real world. With the evolution of virtual reality (VR) technology, tourism is increasingly a mash-up of physical and ...[Read More]

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset – Another way of looking at the world

Sometimes it’s nice to look at the world in a different way. And we don’t just mean though colour-tinted glasses or by peering between your own legs. We mean peering at a whole new reality, or a reworked version of the one we’re used to, at least. That’s what you get from Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality headset, a (relatively) affordable bit of virtual reality (VR) gear ...[Read More]

How Virtual Reality is giving the world’s roller coasters a new twist

Roller coasters have been a popular attraction at theme and amusement parks around the world for more than a century. Whether it’s at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, in the US or the now-defunct Ratanga Junction in Cape Town, South Africa, these behemoths have a way of drawing the crowds. The now-defunct Cobra, in Cape Town, South Africa. Candice Louw Research conducted in 2016 suggests that this tr...[Read More]

Tapping into the future: a Magical application of augmented reality

Augmented reality might’ve been all the rage a few years ago, but since McDonalds and KFC started distributing AR card games with their kiddies meals, the magic has kind of died. But speaking of magic… Stuff found the below video posted on the LinkedIn profile of the COO of a VR development company. The original link doesn’t seem to be live any more but, when it was, the tagline for the vide...[Read More]

Choose your airplane seat in VR with Emirates

Do you prefer the aisle seat for an easy escape route and access to the loo in case of emergency, or the window seat to trick yourself into thinking there’s some fresh air because the middle-seat neighbour just doesn’t understand personal space? The choice just got a lot easier with Emirates’ new 3D/VR booking system. The airline introduced 3D seat models on their website, which can be viewed usin...[Read More]

History is important, but so is how it is taught. In an internet age, education must keep pace

“Why is there so much interest in the [Anglo] Zulu war of 1879,” the great orator David Rattray asked in his epic account of the battle of Isandlwana. “Why is that so much has been written about this insignificant campaign fought in an economically insignificant territory adjacent to an almost irrelevant British colony?” I came across Rattray’s five-CD set, that he narrated about this apocryphal b...[Read More]

Three new Pokémon RPGs coming to Nintendo Switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch and enjoy going on long walks through the Kanto region, you are in for a treat this year. Japanese developers Game Freak have announced three new Pokémon titles set to launch throughout the year, one of which is already available to download for free on Switch. Go on a quest (for free)Pokémon Quest is a touch-based title that gives you the power to command little cube-...[Read More]

Finally, an affordable VR headset to (Oculus) Go

Watch out Ready Player One, Facebook might be planning a future mildly resembling yours. By making VR headsets more affordable, it could conceivably conquer the masses. Facebook didn’t pay $2 billion for Oculus on a whim, after all. At Facebook’s F8 keynote, Mark Zuckerberg enthusiastically announced that the Oculus Go will hit shelves soon. The headsets are already available on the official...[Read More]

How to solve virtual reality’s human perception problem

Virtual reality isn’t confined to the entertainment world. There has also been an uptake of VR in more practical fields – it’s been used to piece together parts of a car engine, or to allow people to “try on” the latest fashion trends from the comfort of their home. But the technology is still struggling to tackle a human perception problem. It’s clear that VR has some pretty cool applications. At...[Read More]

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