LG shows off TV that can bend from straight to curved


We at Stuff have often looked at a fancy new TV that’s just arrived in the office for review and said amongst ourselves, “It’s neat. But can it bend?”. That’s a question that LG is looking to answer as the company showed off it’s new 48-in bendable gaming TV. Sure, it sounds like a gimmick (which it is) but seeing the screen in action filled our heads with enough hype to ignore that irritating sense of logic.

At the press of a button, LG’s flexible screen bends from a straight TV panel to a curved gaming monitor. Look, you could also used the curved variant to catch up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We’re not here to prescribe how you conduct your person viewing.

Bend it like LG

So what are the specs on a bendable TV? Well, they’re better than you might think. The 48-inch OLED screen has a radius of 1,000mm, a variable refresh rate of 40Hz up to 120Hz and comes equipped with LG’s Cinematic Sound feature. That’s basically all we know about the monitor/TV but given the potential high-end market for a product such as this one has to imagine that LG will be doing everything they can to ensure it’s spread far and wide with the best specs attached.

The Verge went and did everyone a solid and turned footage of the TV bending in action into a gif which you no doubt saw above. The motion looks smooth enough with the central part of the screen sinking back rather than the edges moving forward. There’s no indication of how fast the transition is but one has to imagine it being rather quick. There’s no word yet on whether this particular product will make it’s way to South Africa but when we find out you’ll be the first to know. Now go back to watching Always Sunny. Maybe even on one of LG’s OLED sliding doors…

(Source: The Verge)


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