South Africa got a PlayStation 5 stock drop, and it’s gone


After what feels like years (well, technically it was a few), South Africa has been allocated some PlayStation 5 consoles. Today around 13:30, the official Sony PlayStation supplier in SA, Koodoo, posted product listings for both the digital-only and disk drive versions of the console. It took South Africans about 12 minutes to clear out the warehouse.

Even though we don’t know what minuscule amount of consoles have been allocated to SA, we know that it wasn’t much. Globally, Sony is struggling to keep up with demand, and for the first time since Sony started producing gaming consoles, many people weren’t able to place a brand new console under the Christmas tree. 

South Africans have been holding out for another drop, which finally came today, 5 January. Of course, gamers were quick to hit that ]purchase button, and within less than 15 minutes, all the consoles were sold out. We may be ahead of ourselves here, but we’ve reached out to Koodoo PR to find out when it’s expecting another shipment. 

If you’re really keen on a PlayStation 5 right now, and can’t wait for the spectacularly vague timeline, there is a bundle offer available on Takealot that includes the disk-version PlayStation 5, one DualSense controller and a copy of the launch title Demon’s Souls for R13,400. It’s not a bad deal. 


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  1. Your article says Takealot has a bundled offering. What price… R27999 think this just supports the scalpers

    • Brett Venter on

      That bundled offering was just R15,400 or so on 5 January. A certain seller may have jacked up the price. Considerably.

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