Samsung has started rolling out Android 11 to its handsets


Samsung has started rolling out Android 11 to its handsets, starting with the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. Those phones are the first on the list for the software update, following Android 11’s release three months ago. But don’t get too excited yet — the rollout is starting with Korea, the States and “most of” Europe before heading elsewhere.

The updates should take place over the next week on Samsung’s first flagships for 2020. In addition to the updated Google OS, users will get access to Samsung’s own One UI 3 — which looks like it borrows more than a little from Apple’s iOS operating systems, design-wise.

Android 11 schedule

But we do have a vague idea what’s next in the pipe for Samsung’s handsets. After the S20 lineup, Samsung plans to spread the new OS to “…the Galaxy Note20, Z Fold2, Z Flip, Note10, Fold and S10 series” in the next couple of weeks. And if you’re using one of the company’s A-series handsets, then Android 11 will drop in early 2021.

Some of the changes coming to the new OS include: a persistent media player in the notifications section, one-time permissions for items like the phone’s camera, location, and microphone, improved autofill and a handful of software improvements. All in all, it’s not a massive overhaul but Samsung’s take on the operating system will apparently offer improvements aimed at making the OS easier to use. And we could all use a little simplicity right about now.

Local rollout hasn’t been detailed yet but it shouldn’t be too far behind the rest of the world. Samsung pays South Africa a surprising amount of attention. As well they should. We’re awesome.


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  1. Samsung might be paying South Africa a lot of attention with Android but they have fallen short when it comes to the very popular Samsung A series phones.
    I have found out with regret that that A series phones are not Android Auto compatible, so if you have an A series phone you can not connect your phone to your car infotainment system as I was notified by a Samsung support agent.
    Infotainment sound systems are here to stay and being installed in almost all new vehicle models
    Until Samsung / Android fixes that problem on the A series rather get yourself a S series phone if you have infotainment in your car.
    So at the end of the day this is a poor effort on a popular and economicaly phone as you will pay a lot more for a S series phone….

  2. Update: I’m in South Africa, the date is 16 July 2021, I use a Galaxy S10, I still haven’t received the Android 11 update. Android 12 is on the horizon.

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