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Still using Windows Phone, iOS 7, or Android 2.3.7? WhatsApp will stop working soon

It's a fact that just about all the tech we make use of will eventually become obsolete. Unless you're the US Military or NASA, in which case you'll be using the same operating systems long after the rest of us are done. Hey, some of those probes were programmed in the 1970s -- doubtful there's gonna be an OS update for those things. WhatsApp is moving at a bit of a faster clip, though. Several ol...[Read More]

Apple silently releases two updated iMacs

Apple has made a thing of quiet hardware announcements this week. First it was the iPad refresh that turned up unexpectedly, now we've also got some info on iMac upgrades.

Level up your Nintendo Switch: Grab these essentials to make Ninty’s best even better

Nintendo’s Switch console was a huge hit last year, turning out to be impressive enough to take away Stuff‘s coveted Gadget of the Year 2017 award at this year’s awards ceremony. The console is good. It’s very good. But, and it almost hurts to say this, it could be better. But that’s only because there’s an impressive lot of extras out one year on, a collection ...[Read More]

Better screen, fewer wires: Valve and HTC introduce the Vive Pro

It was only very recently that the HTC Vive made it to South Africa (officially) and now we’ve got something else to look forward to. At CES this year HTC and Valve took the wraps off the second iteration of their already impressive VR headset, called the HTC Vive Pro. And it’s going to be going wireless. Eventually. Before it does, though, it’ll arrive in a more traditional form...[Read More]

How to expand your PS4 storage space with an external hard drive

PlayStation 4 software update 4.5 is here and – rejoice! – it’s delivered external hard drive support. You’re now able to connect a USB 3.0-enabled external drive to your brilliant black box and it’ll increase your overall gaming capacity by anything between 250GB and 8TB, depending on the size of drive you go get. Is it that simple, though? See, there’s more th...[Read More]

5 new things your PS4 can now do

Short of a whole new box, it’s software updates that keep console owners happy, delivering new tricks and better experiences in the same all-black package. Good news, then: Sony has announced that the 4.5 system update for PlayStation 4 – which has spent the last month or so in beta – will roll out on 9 March. That’s… why, that’s today. What’s in store, th...[Read More]

A MacBook Pro upgrade, with Kaby Lake and 32GB of RAM, on the cards for 2017

Apple’s October 2016 MacBook Pro refresh got up the noses of a lot of people, with the company dropping the ports that made the notebook line a favourite with a certain type of user (anyone who, you know, wanted to connect equipment to the Pro for example). Then there were other considerations, like the hardware upgrade not being quite as impressive as users might have liked. Well, AppleR...[Read More]

Tesla’s batteries have reached their limit – here’s how they could go further

“For the first time, the world’s fastest production car is electric,” said Tesla boss Elon Musk when he recently launched the company’s latest battery. The new 100kwh device can propel Tesla’s cars to about 97kph in just 2.5 seconds and allow them to drive 20% further before recharging, compared to previous batteries. But Musk also admitted that the current design and chemistry of the battery mean...[Read More]

Should you upgrade from Xbox One to One S?

So the new Microsoft Xbox One S is here, and the good news is… it’s great. Actually, scrub that – it’s fantastic. Microsoft’s new games machine rights the wrongs of the original Xbox One in some style, while bringing 4K output to the party in a way that moves the console goalposts. It’s currently the best console you can buy and Sony’s PlayStation Neo will have to go some to beat it when it arrive...[Read More]

So you thought Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade prompt was annoying before…

Microsoft has been going all out to convince Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10 before the end of July this year, which is when their free upgrade offer cuts off. And some people just aren’t listening, no matter how intrusive Microsoft’s reminders are. But you haven’t seen anything yet. Or perhaps you have. The final pop-up before the free upgrade cut-off isnR...[Read More]

Will your Mac handle macOS Sierra?

The end of OS X draws nigh, with a replacement waiting in the wings: macOS will be taking over Apple’s notebooks and desktops later this year. Apple’s name change was revealed, with all of 10.12 Sierra’s new features, at WWDC. There’s a whole lot to get excited about, but first you need to make certain that you’re going to get in on macOS. That’s right – s...[Read More]

Upgraded Apple Pencil could get an extra Touch (ID) or two

Pencils don’t exactly scream high-tech, but Apple’s iPad-friendly stylus is an exception. It’s a handy add-on for artists looking to add some finesse to their digital doodles, but the sequel could be a whole lot better. The eagle-eyed folks at Apple Insider spotted a recently approved Apple patent for a digital stylus that packs in a lot more tech than the current Pencil. Right n...[Read More]

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