Mweb is offering new packages, price cuts and line upgrades for all customers


Who doesn’t love a faster internet connection at a cheaper price? That’s what we in the tech industry call a “Gucci” deal. Mweb has now officially launched its new range of fibre products and packages now that the Openserve upgrades have been finalised and let us tell you, the improvements all around are rather staggering.

As reported by Mybroadband, Mweb is rolling out it’s new packages across the board as folks on older ADSL lines are being upgraded free of charge and with no changes to their prices. If anything, it seems like prices have decreased across the board, which is just peachy for all those folks who haven’t quite made it around to that fibre upgrade.

While that does sound great, it’s unfortunately not so simple. While the speeds are being upgraded with no additional rental cost, it’s actually not up Mweb whether or not customers can access these upgrades for free. That decision ultimately comes down to the individual ISPs that people have opted to go with, so let’s all cross fingers and hope they’re generous. Because it’s pointless having 10 meg connection when you’re on a 4 meg line.

Come into my Mweb

But that’s not all Mweb has done — there are new packages available from the company. Mweb GM Product Sales and Marketing Carolyn Holgate said, “We’re excited to launch our new 25Mbps upload and 25Mbps download speed product, for only R499pm.” They also went onto elaborate that the deal was “a great product at a very competitive price vs other ISPs, offering significant value and accessibility in the fibre market.” Of course they’d say that, right?

If you’re on an Mweb line we have a handy breakdown of what kind of deals you’ll be in for and let us tell you that they’re not half bad:

  • R500 for 25Mbps download / 25Mbps upload
  • R740 for 50Mbps download / 25Mbps upload
  • R900 for 100Mbps download / 50Mbps upload
  • R1,050 for 200Mbps download / 100Mbps upload

A little pricey the faster you’re looking to go but the initial deal of R500 for 25Mbps / 25Mbps is a solid offer for anyone looking at potentially upgrade their line speed.

Source: Mybroadband




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