Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro: Minimalism at its finest


The problem one so often runs into with a smartwatch is how it looks. Whether you like it or not, a watch is a part of your outfit. It needs to look good, preferably designed in such a way as to match whatever outfit you’ve chosen on any given day. 

Yet so many smartwatches often look… unappealing. They’re blocky and awkward and more often than not stand out in the most clumsy way possible. Knowing this, Huawei set out to design a smartwatch that looks good. Using a minimalistic aesthetic, Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is an exceptional fashion-forward smartwatch that doesn’t sacrifice functionality.

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The design of the Watch GT 2 Pro has been influenced by young professionals working in major cities around the world. Huawei created a smartwatch that’s both minimalist yet comfortable but also allows for a more personal touch. It’s a device that looks like it fits in the boardroom but translates just as cleanly to a night out with friends. The thing about minimalism is that there are very few situations where it looks bad. If something is over-designed, it comes gaudy and unpleasant to the eye. The Watch GT 2 Pro goes the other direction with its trimmed-down aesthetic and looks good in any scenario, any occasion. 

Watch GT 2 ProOf course, that’s just the actual body of the Watch GT 2 Pro. Huawei has gone the extra mile to provide a range of dynamic faces that can be swapped and changed to the user’s content. Thus, the Watch GT 2 Pro isn’t just professional, it’s a personal piece of tech. The traditional round watch face is a look that will never age and if it ever does, it’ll age well. It requires little adornment but if you wanted to customise it, you have a few options to choose from.  These different faces and be adjusted to show whatever information is most important to you. Avid surfer? Equip a face that communicates the different tide times. Budding astronomer? Just switch to the face that gives a breakdown of the moon’s faces. There’s a face for everyone and not a single one looks bad. Despite the different displays, they all follow a similar design: Slick and classy to the end.

Yet your personality doesn’t need to be limited to the over 200 different watch faces available on the watch store. One of the coolest parts of the Watch GT 2 Pro is the ability to take pictures with your Huawei device and transfer them directly to your watch. This way, your favourite family picture, a snapshot of your beloved pet or just a really great sunset you captured not only live on in your Watch GT 2 Pro, but they’re also only a swipe away.

Yet the unspoken reason why the Watch GT 2 Pro is able to look so good is because of the care Huawei has put into building them. Fashioned from the highest grade materials, the Watch GT 2 consists of a crystal clear yet resistant sapphire glass while the back of the device has been crafted from an elegant ceramic material, meaning it’s always comfortable to wear. Yet the best part of the Watch GT 2 Pro’s build is the titanium body, which is not only gorgeous to look at but provides protection. It’s also resistant to heat and cold, meaning the Watch GT 2 Pro will never be uncomfortable to wear, no matter the situation. There’s a reason titanium is so frequently used in the aerospace industry so you know your Watch GT 2 Pro is built as safely as it could possibly be.

It’s a bold new approach to building a smartwatch but the trinity of the titanium frame, sapphire glass and ceramic backplate has produced a watch that’s not only tough but undyingly fashionable. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is a device designed to be worn with endless possibilities and combinations, making it the ultimate tech accessory. So why worry about matching your smartwatch with your outfit when you could just go all-in on the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro and ensure you’re always ahead of both the fashion and technology curves.


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