Huawei and Telkom are teaming up to give you one heck of a data deal – 10GB/pm for R99


Data is the most valuable thing in existence at the moment. Even if you don’t know it at the front of your brain (yet), you certainly are familiar with it in practice – load data to phone, connect to the world. No data, no connection. No connection, brain sad. And Huawei and Telkom don’t want you to have a sad brain, which is why they’ve teamed up to give you one heck of a data deal. How does less than R10/GB sound?

Let’s make a data deal

That’s exactly what Huawei and Telkom propose – the telecoms company has a new SmartBroadband 5GB Wireless deal that works out to 10GB of mobile data a month – it’s comprised of 5GB of Anytime data and then an additional 5GB of Night Surfer data a month. And not for a ridiculous sum, either. This level of connectivity will set you back a mere R99 per month, which comes to around R9.90 per GB of data. Whatever you think of the value of data itself, that’s quite the affordable deal.

Telkom Huawei data deal 1But it doesn’t end there. Included in the price is Huawei’s E5577 Wireless Portable Router, valued at R1,100. But you won’t have to pay for that, it’s included in Telkom’s package. And what it gives you is the ability to wirelessly connect up to sixteen different devices to your 10GB monthly data allocation. It’ll keep you going even during load shedding, because the E5577 is wholly wireless if you need it to be. There’s a 3,000mAh battery inside, letting it pump out internet access to tablets, phones and laptops even when Eskom says ‘nah’. It should keep you going for up to six hours.

Setup is easy on the Huawei E5577, thanks to a 1.45in LCD menu display, that’ll let you know exactly what’s going on with your mobile internet. You can connect the E5577 to Huawei’s Mobile WiFi app by using a QR code, meaning it’s easy to set up using a smartphone and it’s really simple to take your internet connection along with you. And, with Telkom providing the data capacity needed to keep you connected, staying online has never been easier.

The SmartBroadband 5GB Wireless deal is now available from Telkom, for just R99 per month. The excellent Huawei network hardware? There’s no extra charge for that. Get your SmartBroadband 5GB Wireless package, plus a Huawei E5577 MiFi, today.


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  1. Pitso Matsetela on

    Wow.. that’s a great idea, only if Telkom’s network was worth-it (in most townships and semi-rural areas)..
    It’s of no point, making this deals if they can’t get fundamentals right.. Telkom’s network is rubbish (not that the others are excellent but they’re better compared to Telkom)

    It’s not in my interest as a consumer to buy a 4G contract only to be 7% on it, 65% of the time on 3G an 28% on 2G, Huawei and Telkom can take their deals (hack of a deal my *****) elsewhere… I’m not interested in just paying them for delivering crapy-network.

    Telkom get your Network quality and Planning dept to ‘get-off their buds and fix your rubbish network’.

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