The new WhatsApp update will help free up space on your devices


We have so much unnecessary junk stored on our phones. Do you really need 12,000 very good memes? Sure, they’re very good memes but will you ever actually look at them again? You say you will but we doubt that will ever happen.

Plenty of those images and videos taking up valuable storage space arrive via WhatsApp, as friends and family do their best to make you laugh at whatever they happened upon on Reddit that morning. While the giggle is nice, manually sifting through sent images to delete them is a pain. Fortunately, the latest update for WhatsApp should make that process much easier for everyone.

I need a little space right now

Spotted by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out a new Storage Usage UI and tools to simplify the process of locating and deleting data and files transmitted through the app. The “Storage Usage” tab has been completely redesigned to give users a more in-depth look at actually useful details. Previously, the tab would just tell you which chats took up the most storage space and would require you to individually select a chat to see what was contained within it.

Following the update, a storage bar has been included at the top of the tab, handy for seeing at a glance how much space media files are actually taking up on your device. Below that is arguably the most useful feature, a section that allows uses to sort the media received via WhatsApp according to size and date received. This means you can easily see what files are taking up the most space and remove the largest without having to sift through loads of chats and opening up the properties of each individual file.

It’s a great expansion on a storage system UI that was more than a touch limited in its functionality. WhatsApp is reportedly rolling this update out right now to beta tester users on Android. Sorry iPhone gang, guess you’ll have to wait a while to easily sift through all your unnecessary files.

(Source: WABetaInfo)



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