MTN to provide free music to subscribers with new deal with Apple


Let’s think of all the reasons we use our phones, shall we? We call people sometimes, send loads of messages, maybe a few emails, browse the internet with it, check social media and maybe most enjoyably, listen to our music. Remember the days of walking around with a Walkman to listen to your tapes and CDs? I don’t because I’m young and I’ve been able to stash my music on my phone ever since I can remember having one! Small blessings, I suppose.

Yet in a world where streaming music is becoming more popular than actually storing songs on your phone, it can be a little more challenging, especially in terms of payment. Well, if you’re an MTN subscriber your music is about to become a whole lot cheaper.

In a recently inked deal between MTN and Apple, the service provider will be offering users up to six months free access to Apple Music, one of the largest and most diverse music streaming apps on the market. Subscribers will be able to make use of Apple Music’s stupidly huge library as much as they want until the six month period is over and then they’ll need to fork over the usual subscription which, admittedly, isn’t too much at R60 a month.

Who can make use of this offer? Well, MTN prepaid customers and a few MTN-post paid users on MTN Sky, MTN Sky VIP and MTN Sky Black subscriptions. Prepaid customers will get three months of Apple Music free and contract users will have the full six months. So if you’re an MTN customer, best make use of this deal for all the free music you could listen to (for a while, at least).

(Source: TechCentral)


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