Momentum Metropolitan hit by a cyber-attack but your data apparently wasn’t the target


We’ve seen the likes of Twitter and Garmin take it in the neck in recent weeks, now it’s time for something a little closer to home. Momentum Metropolitan, or rather a subsidiary of the insurance and financial services group, was hit by a cyberattack last week.

Light on detail

The company confirmed the attack today, though the nature and extent of the damage weren’t made known at the time of writing. Luckily, client and member information was not part of the 13 August attack, according to a report by BusinessLive, with company financial and administrative data being the attackers’ first choice.

Momentum Metropolitan said that it is working to ensure that services to customers continue as normal. But as expected, the company’s share price took a knock as the information was revealed — as it tends to do every time someone gets inside a company they shouldn’t have access to.

Source: BusinessLive


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