Apple planning an all-inclusive subscription service called Apple One


Because just about anything can be acquired through a subscription these days, it looks like Apple is readying an all-inclusive subscription service for users to access every facet of the Apple ecosystem for one transaction per month. A report by Bloomberg this week confirms that Apple’s planning an all-inclusive subscription called ‘Apple One‘ which could launch alongside the upcoming iPhone 12 at the Apple keynote in October.

The subscription will probably come in different tiers — with each tier including another bunch of services. ‘Member that Apple has a whole bunch of service options by now, including Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple News+ and even iCloud. That’s… more than we remembered. 

So, the tiers may look something like this. According to the leaker Mark Gurman who spoke to Bloomberg

  • Apple Music and TV+
  • Apple Music, TV+, and Arcade
  • Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, and News+
  • Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, News+, and extra iCloud storage

Has anyone noticed that Apple One sounds a lot like Google’s cloud drive service called… wait for it… Google One? But Apple One is a far more comprehensive subscription, where Google One is just a cloud hub for multiple members to access and save files. Apple One is more like Amazon Prime in that sense, it just doesn’t include a shopping arm.  

Clearly, Apple One is aimed at offering users in the Apple ecosystem even more original content in the form of music, TV and gaming. We can’t see this replacing other subscription offers in households, but if a family is dedicated to the Apple environment, it may be a good investment. 

Depending on the price…


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