After Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung has Life Unstoppable awaiting fans in September


All the Samsung-watching eyes might be on 5 August’s Galaxy Unpacked event, which is only in a couple of weeks, but immediately afterwards there will be a new target for your attentions. It’s something the South Korean company calls Life Unstoppable, which is a hopefully-justified burst of optimism in an otherwise terrible-so-far year.

A what now?

The whole point of the oddball title seems to want to prompt the question, “What is a Life Unstoppable?” If this was the Marvel universe, it would describe the Juggernaut rather well. Here in reality… well, Samsung’ explains that it’s “…45-minute virtual and dynamic journey of Samsung’s newest pioneering technology. Presenters and special guests will showcase how Samsung’s human-centred innovations have always enabled people to design connected, seamless experiences to live a Life Unstoppable.”

So nothing to do with Cain Marko at all. That’s a pity. A destructive rampage would feel pretty good right about now but instead we’ll get a look at what Samsung has coming in the mobile, home automation and appliance spheres. This’ll constitute several product launches as well, so expect to see at least some of it in (online) stores very soon after the announcements take place.

The Life Unstoppable event takes place on 2 September this year, at 10:00 Central European time (which is also 10:00 South African Standard Time). It’ll be open to everyone, from media to industry to you, the plain old Samsung fan. Tuning in should be about as simple as checking out the frequent Unpacked events usually is, but we’ll have specifics when they’re available.


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