How nice: Telkom will also double customers’ internet speeds


Before the great lockdown, what feels like aeons ago, Vumatel announced that it will double internet speeds of all its clients for the duration of the lockdown. Now Telkom is following suit. 

How nice, right? Telkom says the free additional bandwidth will help provide uninterrupted online connectivity for customers staying at home during the lockdown — so if you’re stuck at home at least pics on Facebook will load doubly quick. 

This week, Telkom announced that qualifying fibre and DSL internet customers “will realise improved network experience as Telkom doubles access speeds free of charge”. The change will come into effect tomorrow (1 May) and will run until the end of June. So that’s two months of faster internet speeds. Vumatel’s line speed increase, announced the end of March, will only run until end of May. 

How will it work? Whatever a customer’s current internet speed is (let’s say 100Mbps), it’ll automatically be upgraded to the next available speed (in this case, 200Mpbs). 

As more people work from home and stream copious amounts of Netflix, internet lines are being butchered. Which is why ISPs have decided to make the lockdown easier on everyone. Telkom will also remove its fair usage policies (fup) from its uncapped offers, which will limit the amount of capping and slow speeds. 

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  1. 3 weeks of trying and you cannot top up Data with Telkom.
    Pay online through the portal, but no data.
    Nobody at Telkom can assist.
    School hours lost!
    What benefit is the increased line speed with no data.

    • 899.00 uncapped lte with speeds of 2 mb per second and in the news papers they say telkom is tops. Bull it’s crap my contract is almost over i am so glad to say upyours telkom hope you sink very soon and all that is working for you. Stealing peoples money for what is in your contracts binding people not to cancel i wonder if i have a case to take you to my laywers. Just before my contract expire i have saved allot of data with evidence showing how Telkom is ripping people off. Its companys like you that will soon close your doors if people find out how you steal money please people don’t renew your contracts telkom is like DSTV.

  2. Brendan Toohey on

    Uh what about us users who only have access to telkom lte.
    I use in access of R1500 worth of this service monthly, home use, for a service that buffets and is extremely slow and very often just times out.
    A speed increase would serve us as well

  3. Suzanne van Huyssteen on

    Tried to phone Telkom to upgrade my package to uncapped. We don’t have fiber in our area.

    They refuse!!!
    Instead vodacom increased my contract with R100.00 but I can only cancel in July…
    What is going on?????????????

    BAD BAD…. worst

  4. Clinton Barends on

    What about the LTE????? I’m paying for a 10mbs but I’m being put on a 2mbs how crazy is that. I’m paying almost a grand for this and other get twice their normal speed. I get told it’s traffic, that is not my problem fix this Telkom.


  5. Nompumelelo on

    I feel very bad about how data get finished. I have been using telkom for 5 years, and it’s the first time i feel so disappointed. The data is getting fished faster than last week. I’m so sad. I was recommending it every time and everywhere.

  6. The problem is that that I guess 70%of telkom areas are only roaming areas for internet so it is costing us as the telkom coverage is still low, it is urban based internet provide leaving rural areas with almost no benefit

  7. How cool make it faster but I’ve been cheated as I signed a contract for 40gb day and 40 GB night and only received 40 GB altogether

  8. Nomandla Mhlaba on

    Telekom must also not forget to say they also double the premium price this month they are not doing us any favor. Stop acting like you are helping us out

  9. I have a landline and am thinking of fibre but not much available in Creswell st Florida Park. Price is also very high. Any specials or recommendations for Pensioners?

  10. I am surprised about the praises of telkom while I’m stucked with it because there’s no network coverage where I am though I pay it every month. As I speak iam with data that I can’t use since March. I’ve been sending emails to telkom with no assistance so please stop talking rubbish about this telkom thing. I will never allow anyone I know to use it after my experience with it. They don’t care about people or clients all they care about is money not service.

  11. Phillip Magume on

    Qualifying customers? How about the majority prepaid customers who are mostly poor have you thought of them at all?

  12. Of no use to us. No matter what speeds they change we still left with terrible connection in our area. I have asked for assistance numerous times but they say our tower is full and nothing can be done

  13. Sarah Mokgoatsane on

    Good day i had a querie regarding internet data,yesterday I bought airtime of R100 and made a bundle of R80 however i used it for one day 45 min and the next day in the morning when I was busy with it pause. Please advise because this is not the first time.


  14. Pierre-jacques on

    What about their LTE customers that don’t have access to fiber and are paying R899 for a top speed of 10mps but are only getting between 1mps to 0.05 mps due to there towers being congested 2 to 3 month’s before the lockdown began

  15. Wow so I could get a whopping 6mbps from the 10mbps line I used to have. Thankfully I got sick of Telkom and switched to mwebs supersonic where I get 42mbps all the time.

  16. shane groenewald on

    Telkom is bullshit with their bullshit network not once do I ever get perfect network on my uncapped lte we can’t do anything on their network the whole country should boycott them and their kak network

  17. It’s surprising how, things keep changing and getting better with telkom, yet I’m still paying for a contract which was supposed to be canceled in December 2019. We are are supposedly to be glad, that telkom has decided to come up with something to make our lives simple, yet they are not taking care of their clients.

  18. you know I’m disapointed in telkom internet . they told me no drop on my speed but during month I can’t.even watch Netflix then the line get stoked in otherwords my line is slower witch is unexseptable knot in line with my CONTRAK been gìven to me


  19. Bad network less coverage , I can’t receive calls most of time , I signed for 20gb day and 20gb night I get only 10gb by 10gb , not recommended even if it’s for free

  20. Gideon Terblanche on

    How nice? Me as a contract customer has a complain. You only give us 500mb for the month in only half a day not using the data it vaporized into thin air. If you download it takes most of your data. I bought 1gig data in less than 2 days it was gone.

  21. does telkom internet double up speed also count for adsl an how can i check it tgey also spoke about free upgrade to fibre when ????

  22. Ryan Neil Wylde on

    This is not true. Well for me
    Telkom has suddenly become so slow everything I was able to fldo before to is now impossible. Wifi cannot even download to watch Netflix uninterrupted buffering every 5 minutes. Whereas before I could have everything in the house run of the wifi including phones. Paying again for terrible service.

  23. With all respect to what Telkom is doing, I’ve been on telkom for 4 years and I’ve had issues of and on. But this year was by fast the worst , telkom has gone from being a reliable affordable network to being , extremely problematic and unreasonable.

    And whats worse no help line or customer care services seems to be interested in the fact that they are there to tend to the needs and issues of they telkom uses.
    I have spend so much money on data, that gets used or eaten with out proper use of it.

    Honestly this is very disappointing, as at one stage tekolm was a reputable company ..
    Know the network as well as services is horrific..
    No regard for customer care what so ever..

  24. Just a pity that their normal data via routers has slowed by 5 times!!! Over the period so far my download speed averaged at 1.7 and upload even worse at times. Horrible to say the least Telkom and that is when I have to work from home satisfying clients’ needs…

  25. Telkom please wake up you dont just do adsl and fibre what about LTE a gran for speeds sometimes less than 1mb ???????????? Wake up you are chasing away lots of customers.

  26. They said they will remove their fair usage policy on uncapped – all lies! It’s day 6 and my 10 mbps line and 4 mbps is used up – working from home on a a very slow internet speed – barely 2 Mbps! R 900 of rubbish!

    We can’t get fibre – yet the mall is across from me and they have fibre!!! We just not on the right side of it!!!

  27. They have not removed fair usage policy on uncapped fibre optic lines.
    Mine is down again, they want me to get a bigger line but I do not trust them.
    Maybe switch to RAIN?

  28. Wentzel du plessis on

    Well don’t prays telkom. Today is 18th, they would have started the 1st with that promotion. Well I still got my normal speed running at half of what I am paying for. When you contact customer care they say you must upgrade first for higher speeds even though the add say 3 monthjs higher and then if you are happy you upgrade. So basically false advertising to score browny points.


  30. I am having none stop buffering watching tv.This is from day1 . I have sent emails,calling and 4 months later no assistance. I would like to know if we can get together and take Telkom to court for selling garbage to consumers.My number is 0788008181. Let us stand together and stop Telkom from selling data

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