Fortnite extends its current season, kind of like lockdown


The current season in Fortnite, — Chapter 2, Season 2 — should have come to an end on 30 April. And kind of like lockdown, Epic Games has decided to extend it. Season 3 will, according to a tweet, only be revealed on 4 June. 

That means Season 2 will run for several more weeks, and Epic is planning a lot of new content in the current season. “We have multiple game updates on the way that will deliver fresh gameplay, new Challenges, bonus XP, and a couple more surprises up our sleeve!” Epic said in a blog post.

It is the first time Epic has pushed out the reveal of a new season, and we can likely thank the current epidemic for that. We reckon many developers are currently working from home which could throw a spanner into the rollout mechanism. Or the developers realised that they have a whole lot of other content they still want to preview in Season 2. 

The current season has some cool crossovers that you can still experience (if you haven’t yet). At least you’ll have the time to do that now. Battle Pass owners can unlock a Deadpool skin by clearing some of this season’s Deadpool challenges. An alternate unmasked Deadpool skin can also be unlocked by completing Week 8’s Deadpool missions, in which you need to find Deadpool’s pool floaty and dance at Deadpool’s Yacht party.

Don’t see this extension as a negative — it just means that you now have more time to complete those challenges you’ve been putting off. 

Sauce: Epic Games blog


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