Light Start: Deadpool in Fortnite, Samsung helps hose in quarantine, Microsoft’s triple-display device and the new Facebook


Deadpool is now available as a skin in Fortnite

It’s time for a new season on the game that made the battle royale mode famous. And this time around, Fortnite players can choose to look like the most adored anti-hero in the Marvel Universe: Deadpool. Before this, the character appeared in elements of the game (you could find him hidden away in a bathroom in the main battle pass menu), but players couldn’t unlock the skin and play with it. But from today, players can find the Deadpool skin in-game, and play using it. If they’ve got the new Battle Pass that is. If you have purchased the new battle pass, you can unlock it by finding the two pistols hidden in the menu screens. “Once you do that, simply head into a match and change into the Deadpool skin at any of the phone booths littered across the island,” The Verge explains. We don’t know if this is a precursor for a big Deadpool announcement, but we hope so. We all need some unfiltered humour during this vulnerable time. You can even find some other unlockables that are Deadpool-themed, like his katanas, and a Deadpool party boat. Yes, that’s a thing now. 

Sauce: The Verge

Samsung’s donating phones to patients in quarantine

Before you get too excited, the initiative is aimed at confirmed COVID-19 patients currently in quarantine, and Samsung is focusing its donations in the US. It is, however, nice to see tech moguls (like Samsung, the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world) putting time and resources into helping the global pandemic. Last week, Samsung announced that it is pledging tech devices to quarantined coronavirus patients. This means that it will donate smartphones to patients to help them keep in touch with family and friends. In addition to this, it is working to provide tablets to educational entities like schools and universities. These institutions can’t just come to a halt because they don’t have the facilities to teach children, can they? Well, no. “We are donating smartphones to patients in quarantine to help them keep in touch with their families and friends, as well as air purifiers and other appliances to hospitals and quarantine centres,” Samsung said in a statement. We’re hoping to see Samsung roll out this initiative in South African and other countries that really need these resources right now. 

Sauce: Cnet

Microsoft is reportedly working on a triple-screen device

Oh, so you thought dual-screen devices were the epitome of tech evolution? Nope, you were wrong. According to Microsoft, the future holds triple-screen laptops and phones. Maybe we’ll see even more screens soon, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Microsoft filed a patent that shows the hinge of a dual-screen phone turned into a third display. It looks a lot like the upcoming Surface Duo foldable, but with an extra slender screen. According to the patent, Microsoft will use the third hinge-display as a bridge between the two larger display, giving the user a seamless large screen when it’s unfolded. It makes a lot of sense in theory, but we’ll have to wait and see how Micey pulls this one off.  When the device is folded outward, the centre spine would act similarly to Samsung’s Edge display and will be used for things like virtual controls, interface elements, notifications, bookmarks. That’s according to the patent and a report on Windows Latest. We’re excited to see what Microsoft pulls off with the next-gen Duo device, now to try and get them in South Africa…

Sauce: Windows Latest

You can now switch to Facebook’s new design

Are you tired of staring at the old boring Facebook layout? If you’re still on Facebook, that is. The social media platform has rolled out a new desktop design, or shall we say, mobile design on your PC browser? Its new design is now available for anyone to switch to, and it looks very mobile-esque. Even so, the new update declutters the onscreen real-estate, opting for only the essential items on the screen. Our favourite feature though: You can now implement the far-better dark mode on the desktop platform. You’ll now find the most essential tabs to the top of the screen. It has also brought in new feeds at the top, including News Feed, Groups, Gaming and Watch. The Stories have been moved to the top of the News Feed tab, above the status bar, but who uses Facebook Stories anyway? (Stop trying to make Stories happen, Facebook. It’s never going to happen). It essentially looks like Facebook‘s mobile app but optimised for desktop. It’s relatively easy to make the switch if you’re keen. All you have to do is go to the drop-down menu on the top right — here you’ll find the option to ‘Switch to New Facebook’. Easy enough, innit?

Sauce: TNW


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