Forza Street brings the beloved racing franchise to your phone next month


The exceptional racing game franchise, Forza, with a remarkably solid track record will be making its first venture into the realm of smartphones on 5 May 2020. Except for familiar cars, plenty of tracks to speed through and races that’ll…only last a minute?

Racing games on mobile are…well, they’ve been pretty hit or miss for a while now. Sure, you’d think it’d be easy to translate the mechanics of turning a steering wheel to a phone, especially since most smartphones these days have some kind of gyroscope to provide the “immersive experience” that’s so often using as a selling point for mobile racing games.

The fact of the matter is that solid racing games are a dying genre and there are fewer and fewer developers making games about chunks of metal moving very quickly. The team behind the Forza franchise, Turn 10 Studios, have been the gang that’s kept the flag waving with nearly every Forza game being a standout success. Now they’re looking at turning their attention to taking over the mobile racecourse…

Forza Streets is the mobile adaption that the Forza series didn’t really need but clearly wants. Announced last night by Turn 10 and Microsoft, Forza Streets shrinks the gameplay of Forza into bite-sized chunks but will feature everything you’d expect from the series. While we don’t not a lot on how it will be played, we do know that races will average out at about a minute and the game will feature a story-mode which should be…interesting.

No word yet on the monetisation that’s going into Forza Horizon but we do know that anyone who plays it in the first month of launch with be rewarded with a Ford GT, a bundle of virtual credits and gold. So it’ll probably include some kind of microtransaction, meaning the game will most likely be free-to-play. Launching on 5 May 2020, you’ll be able to preregister only on Google Play and the Galaxy Store (sorry, iPhone users). At least we’ll have something other than our Twitter feeds to race through when sitting on the toilet.


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