Deezer Family and HiFi now offers a free three month trial


Valid until the end of April, Deezer wants to provide us with some fresh isolation tunes alongside a plentiful helping of live radio stations and podcasts.

While you’d normally have to pay to access all these neat services, Deezer’s making all their content free for the next three months as they extend their trial period to accommodate those in lockdown.

Music is such an important and natural part of our lives that it feels weird when we can’t actually listen to it. We can’t imagine what it would be like to be stuck at home with nothing but the deafening silence to keep you company; that sounds unbearably sad and that’s not the mindset we want you in. Neither does Deezer, the music streaming service that’s currently challenging Spotify for dominance around the world.

To help all of you who’re locked down and tired of listening to some trashy Joburg DJ try to work from home, Deezer’s extended its free trial period to three months!

To what exactly does this prolonged trial period grant you access? Well, firstly you’ll be able to use Deezer Family, which allows six people, each with their own profiles, to browse millions of songs under one account. Deezer Family lets you peruse specially curated playlists for children, allows 13 devices to be connected at once and even composes “Family Playlists” of everyone’s favourites which would probably be infuriating to listen to.

“Whether you’re alone or staying at home with your family 24/7, isolation can be challenging. Music, podcasts and radio can really help with your home routine. We wanted to make sure that everyone can use Deezer’s paid features for free for three months. That way, families can focus on doing the best they can and make each day count,” said Laurence Miall-d’Aout, Deezer’s Chief Commercial Officer.

As for HiFi, this basically functions as the premium model fo Deezer, granting access to 56 million songs, playable in CD quality. Other benefits include the removal of ads, endless personalised music streams, and the ability to download playlists and albums.

So if you’re feeling like you need a bit of a dance or you’re just craving hearing another person’s voice, maybe look into those three free months. Better than just playing that old Britney Spears CD over and over again, right?


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